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Sweeps - The Last Dream (Rebirth Records RR 011)

The opening mix (Flashback Remix) of the second The Sweeps release on Rebirth Records leads you back to the melancholic "memories" of 80s Italo sound. The track "The Last Dream", which is already known from the latest ZYX Italo New Generation CD compilation (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix), has been re-arranged and mixed by talented Anton Orlov. Flashback Remix isn't only different from its instrumentation, but it also has an additional vocal part which was made especially for this version. The "dreamy" A-side remix will get some more "kick" on the Dalum & Gjerulff Rmx which will be found on the B-side, along with another track called "Voices"; more light sounding track with "Roman -kind" of arrangements.

Sally Shapiro - If It Doesn't Rain (Remix) (Rebirth Records RR 010)

The new Sally Shapiro remix-vinyl introduces an interesting combination of Sally's innocent, fragile vocals and strong, gloomy electronic sounds. On the A-side remixes the Italo Disco legend Tony Carrasco goes back to his roots of Klein & M.B.O. sound and a new talent from Toronto, Digits, creates an extraordinary athmosphere with his obscure arrangements that force you to move your feet. On the B-side you can find another track remixed by Flemming Dalum. Again, early Italo sound on two mixes; first with Sally's vocals and then without, on dub mix with DJ-friendly breaks.

Sir J. & Joey Mauro - Rainy (Flashback Records FLA 2000)

Roberto Carlotto and Joey Mauro, vintage synth wizards,  are back with brand new tracks and remixes. Italo classic "Sunny" has been re-recorded and sung and appears on two different mixes: high bpm vocal remix and slow bpm instrumental with some vocoder. New tracks follow the unque "Carlotto" sound and bring the early years of Discomagic-magic back to us.

M-Energy Brothers - Rent (M-Energy Records ‎MEN 003)

Flashback Records proudly presents the world’s premiere for vinyl-Bluray release. M-Energy Brothers have produced cover versions of the Pet Shop Boys 80s classic “Rent” for M-Energy Records. On the release you can find two fresh uptempo disco mixes, a more acoustic version, but also an 80s Nrg mix by Tony Marinello, known for his collaborations with Hi-nrg legend Bobby O. This is the first 12”3D (vinyl-Bluray) single ever released in music history, Bluray disc packed with a traditional 12” vinyl with full coloured gatefold vinyl sleeve. This means in practise a multichannel music experience together with perfect sound quality; music in “3D” format, without forgetting the vinyl freaks who are able to enjoy the analog sound and the unique feeling of the vinyl.

Dyva - Forever Love (Flashback Records FLA 2002)

A brand new release of Dyva includes three different versions of the new song called "Forever Love"; vocal version and two different instrumentals. On the B-side you can find a remix of "All The Night" which has been released earlier on Rebirth Records, performed by Dario. "Forever Love" is made in collaboration with Ken Martini from Beach Club Records. The track has powerful arrangements with a classical flavour. The sleeve artwork reflects the gloomy athmosphere of the track.

Victor Ark - One More Time (Rebirth Records RR 009)

Spanish DJ, Victor Ark, is back on 80s Italo scene with his new release. The vinyl includes three tracks. The main track "One More Time" is more close to obscure early Italo style, but also has some fresh elements. "Apophis" (second track on the A-side) is mostly instrumental, space influented song. On the B-side there are dub mix of "One More Time" but also the 80s remix of Victor's dance tune "Bacia Me". The remix is made in collaboration with Joan Moragas from Neon Game.

Savage - Save Me (Flashback Records FLA 2001)

We are very proud to present the new Savage 12" on Flashback Records. The vinyl contains four remixes of the track "Save Me" which has been composed and demo recorded in the 80s, but hasn't been released on vinyl before. We have been working on this project for a long time, to be able to achieve the best possible result. A-side mixes (Vocal Rmx and Dub Rmx) have been arranged by Anton Orlov and mixed by Rafal Lachmirowicz. Flashback Rmx on the B-side is arranged by Fabio Ricci and mixed and co-arranged by Rafal Lachmirowicz and Kimmo Salo. All these three mixes are made by following the "Savage sound" of the early/mid 80s, partly using the original sounds taken from the old master tapes. The fourth version is an extended Rmx of the original demo-based mix which appeared on "Ten Years Ago" CD album (by Klub80). Mixed by Pawel Szalinski. We like to thank everybody involved in this project and especially warm thanks to Roberto Zanetti, whose friendly collaboration made all this possible.
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