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Phalanx - Modern Hero (Time Machine Productions TMP 002)

The new sub-label for Flashback Records: TIME MACHINE PRODUCTIONS!
Time Machine Productions label has been created for particular Italo Disco sound. All the releases will have some similarities with the sound which was strongly presented in the 80s by the labels like Time Records and Power Records. We are proud to announce about the continuous collaboration with Laurent Gelmetti and Clara Moroni for Time Machine Productions. The history of Time Machine Productions started with "Time Machine feat. Albert One - Cold As Ice" release (FLA 1009/TMP 001) and the story continues now with the second part. "Phalanx - Modern Hero" (TMP 002) takes some influences from Dave Rodgers productions. The lead vocalist, Terence Holler, has been working with Rodgers in the past and the female vocalist is the one and only, Clara Moroni, who has given her beautiful voice to numerous Time Records productions as a lead and background vocalist. The track is composed and originally arranged by Joey Mauro. Extended Mix is co-arranged and sound engineered by Anton Orlov and the energic B-side mixes belong to Tony Marinello.

George Aaron - Change (Flashback Records FLA 1003)

George Aaron is back on Flashback Records with two new tracks and two previously released ones. The A-side of the new EP includes a brand new collaboration with Victor Ark, a song with powerful arrangements: "Change". There's also more sentimental track which has defined the release time for this new vinyl. A christmas song called "Christmas Time".
On the flipside can be found a re-mastered hit: "Heaven" (Clouds Mix). This track has been strongly requested, after the previous vinyl was announced to be sold out. The B-side has also a new, more DJ-friendly version of another George Aaron Flashback hit: "Russian Ladies".
Flashback Records proudly presents... Mr. George Aaron!!!

Joey Mauro Presents Fred Ventura / Clock On 5 - You And I / Love Kills (Flashback Records FLA 1005)

Italian composer-arranger Joey Mauro has united his classic Italo sound together with vocals by four different 80s Italo stars. Flashback Records is now presenting the results of these collaborations on two different vinyl releases (FLA 1005 & FLA 1004), both named as "Joey Mauro Presents".
The first part includes new tracks from Fred Ventura and Clock On 5. "You And I" (by Fred Ventura) is a classic mid-80s Italo track with more peaceful verse which grows through the bridge to a powerful refrain. Fred's voice is the same as 30 years before and together with Joey's vintage synth sounds, it's easy to imagine this track to be made in 1984.
Clock On 5 is back with its "head man" Raffaele Fiume. "Love Kills" (Mayerling Pt. 2) brings back the more romantic side of Fiume productions. A perfect track for the darkening evenings of autumn.

Joey Mauro Presents Rago* / Remo Zito ‎– Rusty Wings / Secret Agent ( Flashback Records FLA 1004)

The second part introduces you two big names "from the curtains". Rago is better known as a member of a legendary team together with his partner G. Farina ('Electric Workers, Expansives, Decadance, Atelier Folie). This time Rago has given his rugged vocals to a dark wavish track called "Rusty Wings".
The name Remo Zito doesn't necessarily ring the bell for a normal Italo fan, but when hearing that he's "the vocalist of Via Verdi", nobody has to wonder who is he. The track "Secret Agent" has a lots of power and energy, and spiced with Remo's perfect vocals, it's a fine piece of Italo music, also for the dance floors.

Tiziana Rivale - For Always (Flashback Records FLA 1007)

Do you remember the time when ballads were played at the discotheques? The first one was over before you had the courage to ask your lady of the night for a dance... but luckily there usually were more than just one played... The new Tiziana Rivale 12" gives you a chance to memorize those unique feelings again... and spend a romantic moment with your love one. "For Always" (written by Tommy Ojanen) is a perfect 80s ballad, which takes the best out of Tiziana's incredible beautiful voice. The vocal version is b/w sleazy Italo Ri-mix by Fabio Ricci with some more bpm. On the B-side you can find another track written by Anton Orlov, Luigi Piergiovanni and Tiziana herself..

Hélicon* / Raf Coney - The Net / I See You Later (Flashback Records FLA 1006)

One of the most legendary Italo composers/artists, Raffaele Fiume, is back with two amazing tracks: "Helicon - The Net" and "Raf Coney - I See You Later". Both tracks are based on Raffaele's old compositions, but now finalized and re-arranged by the Flashback Team together with Raf himself.  Thanks to Marcello Fiume and Johanna Liljegren for their beautiful backing vocals.
The vinyl will bring back the "Fiume-sound" on its best and is "a must have" item for all Italo fans.

Houdini' Temptation (Rebirth Records RR 013)

Houdini' is a new Italo project by Alfio Fresta and Valerio Biagi (who is known from his 80s band "Effetto Joule"). The artists have taken their inspiration for the tracks from the early Italo sound, and especially from the more beautiful side of it. The main track "Temptation" has typical melancholic melodies and sounds that are familiar for us from many tracks made in 1983-84.
Let's hope the future will bring us more music from this wonderful duo.

Riccardo Campa - Ah Ah Ah (Flashback Records FLA 1008)

The newest chapter in collaboration between Riccardo Campa and Andy Romano has been now officially presented in public. The track "Ah Ah Ah" was made and produced, and almost finalized, already some years ago. It was included on a mix of Flemming Dalum at the time and caught a lot of attention among European Italo fans. Now we can finally offer you this obscure piece of "new Italo" on vinyl; properly finalized and mastered. On the B-side you can find a vocal version, but also an intrumental version of another song written by Cofrancesco-Campa, uptempo track called "Japanese Doll". "You wear sunglasses and a leather jacket, and you pretend you're the king of racket. You speak the jargon of the mafia man, you assume that every girl is your fan. Ah ah ah, you know you make me laugh. Ah ah ah, when you pretend you're tough."

Time Machine Featuring Albert One - Cold As Ice (Flashback Records FLA 1009)

The new Albert One hit has been made in collaboration with an international production team called "Time Machine". There has been seven people putting their heads together, beside Alberto "One" Carpani's great vocals,  in order to achieve the best possible result in this project. The track, composed by Dr. Mateo from Italove, brings back the unique sound of Time Records. The man behind this particular sound, Laurent Newfield Gelmetti, has again created the magical athmosphere that is familiar to us from the 80s hits of Albert One, Atrium, Danny Keith, Riky Maltese and many others. Also the sleeve artwork has been inspirated by Asenauer's style which was typical for Time and Power Records releases in the 80s. Let's take a ride with a Time Machine and meet Albert One!

Italove, Ken Laszlo, TQ - Duets (Disco Evolution DE 12009)

Italove, Ken Laszlo, TQ - Duets
Label: Disco Evolution - DE 12009
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: Finland
Released: 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco

Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights (Flashback Records FLA 1010)

The newest Brian Ice release presents the more beautiful and sentimental side of Italo Disco music, and therefore differs a bit from the typical energic Brian Ice hits. However, the vocal and dub mixes are strongly inspirated by the sounds and arrangements of Roberto Lajolo, who was the man behind many Brian Ice tracks in the 80s. The original mixes by Joey Mauro (composer of the track together with Rizzolo) can be found on the B-side of the vinyl. Please, enjoy the beautiful athmosphere of the track with the great voice of Fabrizio Rizzolo (spiced with lovely backing vocals by Kristina from The Sweeps).

Various - New Generation Vol. 1 (Rebirth Records RR 012)

The "New Generation" sampler serie has been created to introduce new Italo/Italo related artists for the fans. The tracks are mainly produced by the artists themselves and Flashback Records will be just releasing the music. All the tracks aren't necessarily pure Italo, but also Euro Disco and Hi-nrg sound.
We hope "New Generation" releases will help the new artists to find wider audience  for their music, and the fans to discover the music that they love to listen.
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