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Victor Ark - Mistakes (RR 016)

"Mistakes" vinyl EP is the second collaboration between Flashback Records and Spanish DJ/Producer Victor Ark. Male vocals are sung by Magic System DJ, who has been also the other writer of the songs he's singing. The opening track "Mistakes" has strong mid-80s Italo vibes, with rich percussions and a catchy refrain with female back vocals. A2 track "Wake Up" is a mixture of Italo Disco arrangements and strong US hi-nrg styled female vocals (by Dana Jean Phoenix). B-side starts with a cover version of the My Mine hit "Hypnotic Tango" and continues with a more peaceful song "Be My Lover". We invite you to acquaint with the music of Victor Ark, young DJ who is more known from his contemporary dance music projects, but whose passion for 80s music has lead him to be respectable New Gneneration Italo producer as well.

Some Bizarre - Love In A Summer Night (FLA 1000)

At the beginning of the 80s Marino Scarabelli, Stefano Brignoli and Tiberio Scarfone appeared on the Italian Disco scene with their projects as Some Bizarre ("Don't Be Afraid") and Brand Image ("Are You Loving?"/ "Movin' Up"), which were distributed by Il Discotto.
After the success of these tracks, the production team wanted to continue with a new song, again composed by Scarabelli (music) and Brignoli (lyrics). In the early days of 1985 the trio went to legendary Regson Studio in Milan to record a song called "Love In A Summer Night". Before the new song was ready, Scarfone and Scarabelli decided not to release the recorded version sung by Brignoli, first because Stefano was the voice of "Some Bizarre" and secondly because in that period he was signing several songs for other Italo artists of different labels. The new song was given to Giacomo Maiolini and his Time Records label. The song was produced by Farina-Crivellente and mixed by Sandro Oliva, who was working as a studio engineer for Time Records. Brignoli's vocals were replaced by those of Carlo Finazzi. At this point, production team Scarfone and Scarabelli gave up the name "Brand Image" and ended their musical collaboration.
Now, 30 years later, Scarabelli and Brignoli decided to give new breath to their musical adventure together and contacted Flashback Records for collaboration. Marino Scarabelli was able to dig out the very first, original version of "Love In A Summer Night" from his archives. The mixes were arranged, performed and mixed by Scarfone and Scarabelli in the beginning of 1985, exactly as they were intended to sound. The recording has been taken directly from the old master tapes and re-mastered, keeping the old sound and the atmosphere as close to original as possible.

Lost Legacy - Lycan (TMP 005)

"Lost Legacy" is a production name for the project which is a tribute to one of the most popular Italo Disco bands, Radiorama. Radiorama sound is close to Time Records and Power Records style, but has its own unique horror-romantic flavour with strong synth brasses and powerful bass lines.
"Lycan" takes you to the world of mystic legacies, continuing the same path that the Radiorama hits "Desire", "Vampires, "Aliens" and "Yeti" began.

The track is composed by F. Ricci-R. Calzolari-M. Traversoni-I. Foresta. The original idea and arrangements are from Fabio Ricci, as sound engineering and mixing of the "Extended" and "Another Mix" as well. On the flipside, there are two mixes ("Fullmoon Mix" and "Silver Mix") sound engineered by Laurent G. who is responsible also of the original Radiorama sound from the 80s. Wonderful vocals belong to Dario Gobbi and Clara Moroni.

Sisma - Give Me A Dance (FLA1001)

"Sisma - Give Me A Dance" (FLA 1001) is an old composition by Renato Spinetti and was originally recorded in 1983 for Video Star. The original version has been released only on a sought-after "Touch of Class" compilation (by Tanga Music). The track has been now re-arranged and re-recorded by Steve (Juno Gang) and Feratho by keeping the sound early 80s styled. The vinyl will include a vocal version and an instrumental dub + a bonus instrumental track on the B-side.

Phalanx - Lost In Your Eyes (TMP 004)

The second Phalanx release is called "Lost In Your Eyes". The track is composed and arranged by Joey Mauro and sound engineered and mixed by Laurent Gelmetti, who has been mixing and sound engineering the most of the Aleph tracks in the 80s. "Lost In Your Eyes" vinyl has four different mixes from this powerful track, which has the same energy as the Aleph tracks had in the past. The male vocals belong to Terence Holler and the female vocalist is Clara Moroni, also familiar name from the 80s Time Records productions.

Italove ‎– Too Late To Cry (DE 12010)

Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Executive Producer - Kimmo Salo
Mastered By (Vinyl Mastering) - Fabio Ricci
Photography - Pontus Ernfors, Stefan Holm
Sleeve (Sleeve Design) - Rafał Lachmirowicz
Written-By - Dr. Mateo

Dyva - Unbelieveable (FLA 1002)

Dyva, the magical Italian group from the 80s, is back on Flashback Records with two new tracks. The main track "Unbelievable" is a slow-tempo track with all the typical Dyva elements; gloomy and dramatic athmosphere with heavy beat, spiced with charming vocals of Roberto Calzolari and Evelina Bancalari. Pure "Dyva romance".
"Alone Again", on the B-side, is an uptempo song with lighter arrangements and simple but catchy refrain. The artwork has been made with shots taken from the videoclip filmed in 1986. The record has been pressed in solid red vinyl.

Amaya - Car Crash (Rebirth Records RR 015)

Vinyl 12", 45 RPM
Arranged By, Mixed By - Joan San Miguel Moragas, Marcel Sabater
Artwork (Sleeve Artwork By) - Joan San Miguel
Composed By - Amaia Uriz Etxeberria, Joan San Miguel Moragas
Mastered By - Damian Lipinski
Photography By - Charly Logic, Guido Sarli
Producer - Kimmo Salo

Various - Rebirth Records Present - The New Generation (Rebirth Records RR 014)

Again, it's our pleasure to introduce you four talented new Italo/Euro Disco acts. Some of these artists may already be familiar to people who are following the "New Generation Italo scene", but they all surely will deserve presentation also on vinyl. Momento is one of the many pseydonymes of a Dutch producer, Kennard van der Bijl, who also is a founder of Beach Club Records. The track "I Used To Be" is an early production of the label. It has a perfect Italo athmosphere; simple but powerful arrangements, spiced with unique, gloomy vocals by Ken Martina. Vincenzo Salvia is a young Italian musician, who has found his way to Italo Disco sound through rock, metal and experimental electronic music. The song "Domenica" is a beautiful summer track, sung in Italian by Giusi Telesca. Energy Voice brings back the 80s Hi-nrg and Euro Disco sound with a slightly modern twist. "Baby Goodbye" is a follow up to the previous song ("Call Me") from the same group, produced by Hungarian production team called Clay Productions. A track that forces you to dance!
The Crosslines is a Russian project originally created by TDHDriver, now participated by many Russian new generation musicians. The song "My Heart Is Like An Ocean" is a fine mixture of 80s Italo and Euro Disco sound.

Fred Ventura - Believe Me (Time Machine Productions 003)

30 years ago, the world was different. We were able to enjoy brand new Italo vinyls coming from the labels like Time Records, new tracks from our favourite artists and producers. Fred Ventura was one of the most important "Italian dance anni 80" artists... and he still is. "Wind Of Change", "Leave Me Alone", "Imagine", "Heartbeat"... collaborations with "the father of the Time Records sound", Laurent Gelmetti... spiced with lovely female vocals of Clara Moroni. Magic. Now this Magic is back, brought by Flashback Records on its new sub-label Time Machine Productions: Fred Ventura, Laurent Gelmetti and Clara Moroni. "Believe Me" was composed and demo recorded 30 years ago, one of the hidden treasures of Mr. Ventura's archives. The demo track was treaten in the same way, as it probably would have been done in the mid 80s at the legendary Factory Sound Studio. The vinyl contains four different mixes by Laurent G. The frosting on the cake is the sleeve design which is made by respecting the Asenauer's spirit, using a photo from the session made by them at the mountains of Verona in the mid 80s. By buying this particular vinyl, you will make sure that the ride with the Time Machine will continue.
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