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Italove - Heading For The Sun (DE 12011)

After a short break, Italove is back on Flashback Records vinyl. The new track, Heading For The Sun, has again all the typical Italove elements which have made the band very popular on the New Generation Italo scene.

The track was released digitally already some time ago, but now it will be available also for the vinyl fans with two new additional mixes, produced for Flashback Records. "Flashback DJ Ri-Mix" has more 80s styled sounds with breaks for DJs, including the "sing along" part with less arrangements. "Energy Voice M.D.R. Mix" is a Hi-nrg dance bomb made by Clay Production team.
The vinyl will naturally contain also the original Extended Mix  and the instrumental bonus track "Higher".

Let's join the ride with Martin, Dr. Mateo and Dave!!!

Nick Festari / Demo - Web Kills The Radio / Why Don't You Love Me (TMP 006)

Roberto "Nick" Festari started his musical career in 1987 with Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti. They started to work for SAIFAM, composing and arranging Eurobeat songs for Asia and Flea Records. In the early 90s Festari continued with Laurent Gelmetti for Time Records productions and later moved to Hi-NRG Attack team in 1994 and worked there nearly 20 years.

Recently Festari has been collaborating more with Roberto Gabrielli and now the  team has joined the forces with Flashback Records by producing two new tracks in 1986-87 style. "Web Kills The Radio" has many elements (like percussion arrangements, heavy drums, voice sampling) from Time Records/Farina styled productions, while "Why Don't You Love Me" is a softer track with Pasquini influences... and it's no wonder, as Festari comes from the same engineering academy as the masters who created this particular Italo sound.

Savage - And You Are (FLA 0009)

The idea for the "And You Are" remix has been circulating on Flashback-minds for many years. The first step on this long project was taken when Kimmo Salo visited Zanetti's studio in Massa six years ago; Roberto gave his "blessing" and the vocals for the track. The years went by and other projects like "Savage - Save Me" were produced and published. Last year (2015) the files and the ideas were brought to the daylight from the archives and given to Anton Orlov, who started to work on the arrangements. After numerous demos and working hours, we were able to send the final demo to Roberto for his approval. Mr. Zanetti liked it a lot and the project was finalized shortly after.
"And You Are" Flashback Remix is continuing the orchestral path that Savage's hit "Good-Bye" started in 1989. The track has a strong Eurobeat bass line mixed with dramatic orch arrangements, and of course the unique vocals of Roberto Zanetti (and Holly Pearsons on female back vocals). The Dub Remix, which comes without the drums and bass, is underlining the beautiful arrangements and chorus melodies and brings back the romantic Savage magic of the 80s.
Ladies and Gentlemen; one of the projects that we are especially proud of. We hope that you'll appreciate the result.

Energy Voice - The Radio Star (MEN 004)

Energy Voice - The Radio Star, Label: M-energy Records MEN 004, Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Country: Finland, Released: 20 Apr 2016, Genre: Electronic, Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG. Distributed By - Flashback Records, Produced For - Clay Productions, Recorded At - Clay Productions Studio, Mastered At - Lipiński Pro-Audio Mastering Studio

Malcom & The Bad Girls - No Heaven For The Bad Girls (FLA 0010)

After a successful Helicon/Raf Coney (FLA 1006) release, the team Raffaele Fiume, Anton Orlov and Kimmo Salo are back with a new collaboration. Again, the vinyl will bring new songs from two different 80s projects from Fiume, trying to capture the essence of the sound and style from the 80s tracks. The idea for the opening track, "Malcom & The Bad Girls - No Heaven For The Bad Girls", comes from Joey Mauro, who composed the base and made the original arrangment for it.
Romantic and more peaceful song "Clock On 5 - Romantic Dreams" offers a good counterbalance for the powerful and pumping A-side track. The song has unique vocals that only the maestro, Raffaele Fiume, is able to realize. On this song we would like to underline also the electric piano, which is nicely finalizing the "Clock On 5" feeling and will be more widely presented on Dub version.

Magic System D.J.  - In Your Eyes (RR 017)

Our second collaboration with Magic System D.J. brings us a solo project of the talented Spanish musician and vocalist. This time Magic System D.J., who is more known from his sweet Euro Disco influenced songs, is introducing his "Italian" side. "In Your Eyes" has all the essential elements of Italo Disco music; soft beat, dramatic synth lines, beautiful melodies with a catchy refrain frosted with the pleasant combination of the male and female vocals. The B-side track "Frozen Hearts" represents different, brighter style of classic Italo sound, but like the A-side, it has very typical arrangements and vocals of a mid 80s Italo song.
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