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    If you want to make an order or ask further information concerning our products , please click the link below and write your message. Thank you. flexx70@gmail.com
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Verona - Life Will Never Be The Same (TMP 007)
After a short break Time Machine Productions is back with a new release; "Verona - Life Will Never Be The Same". The song is following faithfully the path to which Time Records and Power Records releases led us to in the mid-80s; sentimental melody (thanks to our friend Fred Ventura) with a powerful synth riff and strong bass and drum arrangements. This time the beautiful vocals belong to the New Generation artists: Yohan and Marie De Berlin (known from her work for Digital Romance). Huge compliments also to Carlos Amoyan for his incredible accurate sound engineering and for finding the perfect athmosphere for the song and its arrangements.

The vinyl contains three different mixes: "Extended Version" is how the song was originally arranged, "Stripped Mix" has been made after, by dropping off some sounds in order to achieve more powerful mix with a nice instrumental break, and finally, "Dub Version" has been built up by mixing the parts of the Extended Version in a different way.

We hope this release will bring back the golden era of the Time Records sound, but in a fresh way, without copying any existing track.

A  Life Will Never Be The Same (Stripped Mix) 7:40
B1 Life Will Never Be The Same (Extended Version) 6:46
B2 Life Will Never Be The Same (Dub Version) 6:01
Dyva - Dyva (FLA 0006)
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a new Dyva vinyl and time for releasing an old song (originally from 1984) that Roberto and Massimo told us about on the booklet of their newest CD album . The mainsong is called "Dyva" and it's about mysterious woman, Black Star. This is the project where the band took its name from. Musically the track follows the typical Dyva style with catchy melodies, strong synth brasses and downtempo beat. On the B-side of the vinyl you can find two tracks: "Can't Be Free Forever" which is almost a ballad and a new mix of "Day After Day" which already appeared earlier as a demo version on the flipside of "Oh Mama Tonight" vinyl. Both tracks are very carefully replayed and mixed version of the original mixes which were found from the old tapes (in not perfect sound quality). The vocals of Max and Cinzia have been taken directly from the tapes but Roby's and Roberta's vocals are recorded just recently. This picture disc is a timewarp to Dyva's mid 80s productions.

Label: Flashback Records - FLA 0006 / Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, 45 RPM, Picture Disc  / Country: Finland / Released: 12 Jan 2018 / Genre: Electronic / Style: Italo-Disco / Tracklist: A. Dyva (Extended Version) 9:27, B1. Can't Be Free Forever (Extended Version) 6:17, B2. Day After Day (New Version) 5:57
Jaber DJ - Search For You (MEM 002)

The second release on MEM Music is ready from the pressing. This time we go back to early 80s sound, again hoping that we have been able to capture some of the Memory Records feeling and magic.Those of you who have deepened in Memory Records history, know the name of Paradiso Gilioli. Gilioli has been participating in many of the early Memory Records projects, being an arranger, mixer and also a vocalist. You can find his name behind the legendary Memory tracks like "Strange Vibrations", "Moliendo Cafe", "Japanese War Game", "Do You" and of course, "Don't Stop Lovin'".When producing the new song, we decided not to follow the obvious Jaber sound, but we chose more rough and electronic approach, still loyal to Memory Records sound. We were lucky enough to work with Paolo "synthmania-c" Di Nicolantonio, and enjoy his expertise in synths and drum machines. On the way we also got some help from Diso's good friend, Memory Records veteran Raffaele Fiume.After a long journey we got the new Jaber DJ song "Search For You" ready for the Italo fans.Please, enjoy the full analog sound by Paolo Di Nicolantonio (especially raw on the B-side instrumental mix with "experimental hand played synth madness") and incredible beautiful vocals by Diso Gilioli, frosted with female voice belonging to Zoie.Special thanks to Jaume Matallana Lopez for his awesome sleeve design.

Label: MEM Music Productions - MEM 002 / Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM / Country: Finland / Released: 12 Jan 2018 / Genre: Electronic / Style: Italo-Disco / Tracklist: A. Search For You (Vocal) 8:05,B. Search For You (Instrumental Dub) 7:05
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