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Flashback Records is dedicated to Italian dance music of the 80s. The idea of Flashback Records is to release 80s Italo Disco music that has never been released before. If possible the released material will be taken from the old demos or master tapes. Most of the cases the tracks will be re-arranged and produced based on old demos, but they can also be written and arranged nowadays. In every case the sound will be pure 80s Italo Disco. The main goal is to discover, produce and release 80s Italian dance tracks and in this way keep this great music alive and bring lost Italo Disco tracks to the daylight and delight of Italo-fans.The main form for Flashback Records releases are 12" vinyls (in the 80s spirit), but Flashback Records also releases CD albums. All the products are official releases under supervision of S.I.A.E. - Italy or TEOSTO - Finland. Flashback vinyl releases are very limited editions and ment mainly for the collectors and DJs. Flashback Records sub-labels, Disco Evolution and Rebirth Records, have been created to connect 80s Italo Disco music to the present time by giving some modern flavour to the sound (Disco Evolution) and by introducing new generation Italo artists (Rebirth Records).By buying our products you will support our activity and you will give us a chance to continue our projects and maybe the next Flashback release will be a real masterpiece of Italo Disco for you.

New Releases 2015. Pre-orders are welcome.

Fred Ventura - Believe Me (Time Machine Productions 003)

30 years ago, the world was different. We were able to enjoy brand new Italo vinyls coming from the labels like Time Records, new tracks from our favourite artists and producers. Fred Ventura was one of the most important "Italian dance anni 80" artists... and he still is. "Wind Of Change", "Leave Me Alone", "Imagine", "Heartbeat"... collaborations with "the father of the Time Records sound", Laurent Gelmetti... spiced with lovely female vocals of Clara Moroni. Magic. Now this Magic is back, brought by Flashback Records on its new sub-label Time Machine Productions: Fred Ventura, Laurent Gelmetti and Clara Moroni. "Believe Me" was composed and demo recorded 30 years ago, one of the hidden treasures of Mr. Ventura's archives. The demo track was treaten in the same way, as it probably would have been done in the mid 80s at the legendary Factory Sound Studio. The vinyl contains four different mixes by Laurent G. The frosting on the cake is the sleeve design which is made by respecting the Asenauer's spirit, using a photo from the session made by them at the mountains of Verona in the mid 80s. By buying this particular vinyl, you will make sure that the ride with the Time Machine will continue.

New Releases 2014. Pre-orders are welcome.

George Aaron - Change (Flashback Records FLA 1003)

George Aaron is back on Flashback Records with two new tracks and two previously released ones. The A-side of the new EP includes a brand new collaboration with Victor Ark, a song with powerful arrangements: "Change". There's also more sentimental track which has defined the release time for this new vinyl. A christmas song called "Christmas Time".
On the flipside can be found a re-mastered hit: "Heaven" (Clouds Mix). This track has been strongly requested, after the previous vinyl was announced to be sold out. The B-side has also a new, more DJ-friendly version of another George Aaron Flashback hit: "Russian Ladies".
Flashback Records proudly presents... Mr. George Aaron!!!

Phalanx - Modern Hero (Time Machine Productions TMP 002)

The new sub-label for Flashback Records: TIME MACHINE PRODUCTIONS!
Time Machine Productions label has been created for particular Italo Disco sound. All the releases will have some similarities with the sound which was strongly presented in the 80s by the labels like Time Records and Power Records. We are proud to announce about the continuous collaboration with Laurent Gelmetti and Clara Moroni for Time Machine Productions. The history of Time Machine Productions started with "Time Machine feat. Albert One - Cold As Ice" release (FLA 1009/TMP 001) and the story continues now with the second part. "Phalanx - Modern Hero" (TMP 002) takes some influences from Dave Rodgers productions. The lead vocalist, Terence Holler, has been working with Rodgers in the past and the female vocalist is the one and only, Clara Moroni, who has given her beautiful voice to numerous Time Records productions as a lead and background vocalist. The track is composed and originally arranged by Joey Mauro. Extended Mix is co-arranged and sound engineered by Anton Orlov and the energic B-side mixes belong to Tony Marinello.

Others ReleasesPre-orders are welcome.

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