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Flashback Records Is Dedicated
To Italian Dance Music Of The 80s ......

Flashback Records is dedicated to Italian dance music of the 80s. The idea of the label is to release 80s Italo Disco music that has never been released before. Sometimes the released material has been taken directly from the old master tapes or has been re-arranged and produced based on old demos, but most of the cases the tracks are written and arranged nowadays, keeping the old style and sounds of the 80s. The main goal is to discover, produce and release 80s Italian dance tracks and in this way keep this great music alive and bring lost Italo Disco tracks to the daylight and delight of Italo-fans.The main form for Flashback Records releases are 12" vinyls (in the 80s spirit), but Flashback Records has also released some CD albums. All the products are official releases under supervision of S.I.A.E. - Italy or NcB - Scandinavia. Flashback vinyl releases are very limited editions and ment mainly for the collectors and DJs. Flashback Records sub-labels, Disco Evolution, M-Energy Records, Time Machine Productions, Rebirth Records and Mem Music Production, have been created to connect 80s Italo Disco music to the present time by giving some modern flavour to the sound (Disco Evolution) and by introducing new generation Italo artists (Rebirth Records). By buying our products you will support our activity and you will give us a chance to continue our projects and maybe the next Flashback release will be a real masterpiece of Italo Disco for you.

Flashback Crew
Kimmo King-O Salo (managerlabel owner)
Kimmo BartZ Parviainen (IT-masterpromoter)
Marek Max Krzak (webmaster)
Rafal Rafalo Lachmirowicz (designermixmaster)
Fabio Deepho Ricci (arrangermixmaster)
Petri Juan Calia Järvinen (designer)
Riccardo Richy Campa (musical advicercomposer)
Damian Lipiński (mastering expert)

R.B.Project feat. Brian Ice - I Am What I Am (FLA 0008)

Some time ago we had a privilege to access old archives of Andrea Majocchi (known from many Italo Disco projects from the past; Robert Bravo, Manhattan Project, Raigo, Proxima etc). We found an old demo called "Memory Man", composed and arranged by Majocchi in the mid 80s. The beautiful song caught our attention and the time taken project started.
The base work was done by Majocchi, Anton Orlov and Kimmo Salo and the result, "I Am What I Am" was frosted by the passionate vocals of Fabrizio "Brian Ice" Rizzolo.
We are pleased being able to provide you again a small piece of Italo Disco history and bring this hidden masterpiece back into the light.

Brian Ice - On The Moon (MEM 001)

The second Flashback collaboration with Brian Ice is ready, after a long producing journey. The beginning of the project already started in 2011 when Fabrizio Rizzolo was visiting Finland, in the same time with Johnny Papagiannis, who created the base for the song. The vocals were recorded in Helsinki. Some problems appeared during the producing process and the project was put "on ice" for some time. The team wanted to reach the best possible result for the new label (MEM Music Productions) dedicated to legendary Memory Records sound. In the end the track was finalized by Anton Orlov. "On The Moon" is a mid-tempo Italo Disco track with a strong Brian Ice "flavour", familiar from his late 80s hits. It is our honour to start the new label with such a great artist as Brian Ice and we hope to be able to deliver at least a bit of the Memory Records magic for the delight of the Italo fans. The vinyl (which comes in black and blue wax) has in a traditional way both, vocal and instrumental versions, but also a bonus "night version", a special slow ballad mix of the song, arranged by Fabio Ricci.
The sleeve is made in collaboration with Jaume from "Club de Fans Memory Records"
The MEM Music Productions story continues soon...

Objet De Plaisir - Yo Te Quiero (MEN 005)

M-Energy Records label continues with 80s Hi-nrg sound; this time in collaboration with French-German artist, Objet De Plaisir. The track "Yo Te Quiero" has been a Patrick Miller club hit in Mexico. The artist posted the demo on the music forum in 2005, just to get some feedback from the people. The song was discovered by some Mexican Hi-nrg fans. Soon the track was presented on YouTube, on the video taken from Patrick Miller party, and it became a success among Mexican Italo/Hi-nrg community. The original low quality mix has been released on a bootleg vinyl in Mexico. The new official release will contain a new Extended Version of the song, but also the original mix in properly mastered high quality sound.

For our Mexicans friends, and also for other Hi-nrg music lovers: Objet De Plaisir, s'il vous plait etre bon.

Copyrights by FlashBack Records All Rights Reserved. Design And Code: Max 2017
Meijeritie 4, 17200 Vääksy Finland +358 40 5876174
Copyrights by FlashBack Records All rights reserved
Copyrights by FlashBack Records. All rights reserved. Design and code: Max
FlashBack Records Meijeriti 4, 17200 Vääksy Finland
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