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If you want to make an order or ask further information concerning our products , please click the link below and write your message. Thank you.
Now it's a good time to complete your Flashback vinyl collection, or to start collecting Flashback releases. We're making some space to the Flashback stock and at the same time we collect money for upcoming projects.
Flashback Records is selling old items with reduced prices during September 2016. This means that the buyer has to order and pay the order at the latest on Wednesday the 28th of September. The date is important because starting from the 1st of October, the shipping prices of the Finnish post will be higher.
Flashback Records offers three kinds of package deals world wide:
·        7 vinyls + world wide shipping  (registered air mail) 120.00e
·      10 vinyls + world wide shipping  (registered air mail) 150.00e
·      19 vinyls + world wide shipping  (registered air mail) 200.00e
When paying by Paypal, we wish the buyer to choose "payment for friends" option, to avoid the Paypal fees. Also bank transfer and Western Union money transfer is a good way to pay the order, as long the money are received at latest on 28th September (this way we will be able to send the box with present lower shipping rates).
The sold items are (as long as there are copies available):

FLA 5008 Marc Fruttero – I Wanna Live With You
FLA 5005 Dyva – On Fire (repress, no picture sleeve)
FLA 5004 Dyva – Please My Love (repress, no picture sleeve)
FLA 5000 Peter Arcade – We Were (repress, white label)
FLA 4006 Felli – Music Man
FLA 4004 Bruno Mosti – Music Of My Star
FLA 4003 Riccardo Campa – Another Day (repress, white label)
FLA 3009 Riccardo Campa – Desperado (slightly twisted, but totally playable)
FLA 3007 Tiziana Rivale – Telephone (slightly twisted, but totally playable)
FLA 3006 Marc Fruttero – Disco Silvia
FLA 3005 Riccardo Campa – Looking For A Way Out
FLA 3004 Clay Pedrini – Ocean
FLA 3003 The Flashback Band – Celebration
FLA 3002 Albert One – Stay
FLA 3001 Modo – With Or Without You
FLA 3000 Tom Hooker – Change Your Mind
FLA 2010 Dyva – Harsh Wind
FLA 2009 Peter Aresti – Love Is The Answer (slightly twisted, but totally playable)
FLA 2007 Riccardo Campa – The Witch
FLA 2006 George Aaron – I'll Never Fly
FLA 2005 Roby & Claudia – My Only Love
FLA 2004 Felli – Musica Maestro
FLA 2003 Larabell – Passion
FLA 2002 Dyva – Forever Love
FLA 2000 Sir J – Rainy

RR 001 Dario – All The Night
RR 002 Andy Romano – Run To Love (repress, white vinyl)
RR 003 Marylinn – Only Mine (Solo Mio)
RR 007 Neon Game – Live The Night
RR 010 Sally Shapiro – If It Doesn't Rain (Rmx)
RR 012 Various Artists – New Generation vol. 1
RR 013 Houdini – Temptation

DE 12001 George Aaron – Heaven
DE 12002 Fred Ventura & Andy Romano – Open Your Eyes
DE 12003 Albert One – Stay
DE 12004 Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro – Alice
DE 12005 Italove - L'Amour
DE 12006 Alan Cook – Casablanca Nights
DE 12007 Tom Hooker/Miki Chieregato – No Elevation

MEN 003 The M-Energy Brothers – Rent (vinyl only, no picture sleeve)

More information and sound samples at:
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Italove - Heading For The Sun (DE 12011)

After a short break, Italove is back on Flashback Records vinyl. The new track, Heading For The Sun, has again all the typical Italove elements which have made the band very popular on the New Generation Italo scene.

The track was released digitally already some time ago, but now it will be available also for the vinyl fans with two new additional mixes, produced for Flashback Records. "Flashback DJ Ri-Mix" has more 80s styled sounds with breaks for DJs, including the "sing along" part with less arrangements. "Energy Voice M.D.R. Mix" is a Hi-nrg dance bomb made by Clay Production team.
The vinyl will naturally contain also the original Extended Mix  and the instrumental bonus track "Higher".

Let's join the ride with Martin, Dr. Mateo and Dave!!!

Nick Festari / Demo - Web Kills The Radio / Why Don't You Love Me (TMP 006)

Roberto "Nick" Festari started his musical career in 1987 with Claudio Accatino and Federico Rimonti. They started to work for SAIFAM, composing and arranging Eurobeat songs for Asia and Flea Records. In the early 90s Festari continued with Laurent Gelmetti for Time Records productions and later moved to Hi-NRG Attack team in 1994 and worked there nearly 20 years.

Recently Festari has been collaborating more with Roberto Gabrielli and now the  team has joined the forces with Flashback Records by producing two new tracks in 1986-87 style. "Web Kills The Radio" has many elements (like percussion arrangements, heavy drums, voice sampling) from Time Records/Farina styled productions, while "Why Don't You Love Me" is a softer track with Pasquini influences... and it's no wonder, as Festari comes from the same engineering academy as the masters who created this particular Italo sound.

Savage - And You Are (FLA 0009)

The idea for the "And You Are" remix has been circulating on Flashback-minds for many years. The first step on this long project was taken when Kimmo Salo visited Zanetti's studio in Massa six years ago; Roberto gave his "blessing" and the vocals for the track. The years went by and other projects like "Savage - Save Me" were produced and published. Last year (2015) the files and the ideas were brought to the daylight from the archives and given to Anton Orlov, who started to work on the arrangements. After numerous demos and working hours, we were able to send the final demo to Roberto for his approval. Mr. Zanetti liked it a lot and the project was finalized shortly after.

"And You Are" Flashback Remix is continuing the orchestral path that Savage's hit "Good-Bye" started in 1989. The track has a strong Eurobeat bass line mixed with dramatic orch arrangements, and of course the unique vocals of Roberto Zanetti (and Holly Pearsons on female back vocals). The Dub Remix, which comes without the drums and bass, is underlining the beautiful arrangements and chorus melodies and brings back the romantic Savage magic of the 80s.

Ladies and Gentlemen; one of the projects that we are especially proud of. We hope that you'll appreciate the result.

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