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Flashback Records is dedicated to Italian dance music of the 80s. The idea of Flashback Records is to release 80s Italo Disco music that has never been released before. If possible the released material will be taken from the old demos or master tapes. Most of the cases the tracks will be re-arranged and produced based on old demos, but they can also be written and arranged nowadays. In every case the sound will be pure 80s Italo Disco. The main goal is to discover, produce and release 80s Italian dance tracks and in this way keep this great music alive and bring lost Italo Disco tracks to the daylight and delight of Italo-fans.The main form for Flashback Records releases are 12" vinyls (in the 80s spirit), but Flashback Records also releases CD albums. All the products are official releases under supervision of S.I.A.E. - Italy or TEOSTO - Finland. Flashback vinyl releases are very limited editions and ment mainly for the collectors and DJs. Flashback Records sub-labels, Disco Evolution and Rebirth Records, have been created to connect 80s Italo Disco music to the present time by giving some modern flavour to the sound (Disco Evolution) and by introducing new generation Italo artists (Rebirth Records).By buying our products you will support our activity and you will give us a chance to continue our projects and maybe the next Flashback release will be a real masterpiece of Italo Disco for you.

New Release 2014 - Joey Mauro Presents (FLA 1005 & FLA 1004) 

Italian composer-arranger Joey Mauro has united his classic Italo sound together with vocals by four different 80s Italo stars. Flashback Records is now presenting the results of these collaborations on two different vinyl releases (FLA 1005 & FLA 1004), both named as "Joey Mauro Presents". The first part includes new tracks from Fred Ventura and Clock On 5. "You And I" (by Fred Ventura) is a classic mid-80s Italo track with more peaceful verse which grows through the bridge to a powerful refrain. Fred's voice is the same as 30 years before and together with Joey's vintage synth sounds, it's easy to imagine this track to be made in 1984. Clock On 5 is back with its "head man" Raffaele Fiume. "Love Kills" (Mayerling Pt. 2) brings back the more romantic side of Fiume productions. A perfect track for the darkening evenings of autumn. The second part introduces you two big names "from the curtains". Rago is better known as a member of a legendary team together with his partner G. Farina ('Electric Workers, Expansives, Decadance, Atelier Folie). This time Rago has given his rugged vocals to a dark wavish track called "Rusty Wings". The name Remo Zito doesn't necessarily ring the bell for a normal Italo fan, but when hearing that he's "the vocalist of Via Verdi", nobody has to wonder who is he. The track "Secret Agent" has a lots of power and energy, and spiced with Remo's perfect vocals, it's a fine piece of Italo music, also for the dance floors.

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