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  • Flexx - Break You Down (NEW RELEASE) 2021

    Flexx - Break You Down (NEW RELEASE) 2021

    Label: FlashBack Records – FLA0014
  • Black and Red Vinyl

    Black and Red Vinyl

    limited edition
Please read before ordering: Flashback Records is a one man's label and the most of the work (producing, manufacturing contacts, promoting, selling, packing, shipping, customer service) is done by one person, beside a normal dayjob. Because of this some functions won't work in the same way and at the same speed as in companies which have more employees. For example, sometimes the working person has to take some time off and some functions may be delayed. Also the web-pages and the online store updates are run by one person, beside his normal dayjob and other activities. For this reason, some updates (like sold out items) may be delayed. We're trying to do our best and hope for your understanding if some delays appear. We always try to serve our customers as well as possible and will take care of problems of any kind. SHOPPING CART addition: Parcels for 1-3 vinyls will be shipped by normal air mail shipping, non-registered. Parcels for 4-20 vinyls will be automatically registered (will include a tracking code).
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