The FlashBack Band – Celebration Mix (Vaaksy Finland-9-10-2010)

Flashback Records has been organizing Italo parties together with Disco Target Team. Again, for keeping the beloved music style alive, but also for having fun with the fans and artists, all together. The first bigger collaboration with Disco Target Team happened in October 2010 when the partners organized one of the biggest Italo parties in northern Europe; “Flashback Gala”. The party place was a hotel in a small town (120km up north from Helsinki) called Vääksy. The chosen place was obvious because the Flashback headquarter is also located in the same town. There were seven artists from Italy ( Tiziana RivaleClay PedriniFelliFred VenturaGeorge AaronPeter Aresti and Riccardo Campa) performing at the party and also fans from nine different countries, all around Europe.
Photos and videos will tell you more…

Flashback Gala – Italo Disco Party in Vääksy (Finland)

The second collaboration between Flashback Records and Disco Target Team took place in September 2012. This time the event was called “Super Italo WeekEnd” and the party place was the same; Hotelli Tallukka, Vääksy. The first night was for new generation artists; Amaya, Italove and Neon Game and in the main evening Italo legends took the stage. The international crowd heard the biggest Italo hits one by one: Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy, Marcello Catalano – Another Game, Albert One – For Your Love, Fred Ventura – The Years, P. Lion – Happy Children etc. And finally, maestro Roberto Turatti played his biggest hits from the DJ stand. Also, something special to remember was those after-parties and the incredible athmoshere created by “the Italo Family”.
Photos and videos will tell you more…

Super Italo Weekend :

ItaLove – L’amour

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy

Amaya – Sensation

Marcello Catalano (Ken Scott) – The cat

Neon Game “I´ll Be Where I Wanna Be”

Fred Ventura – The Years

Albert One – For Your Love

P.Lion – Happy Children