Aleph – Like A Fire (Album)

Aleph – Like A Fire

Five years ago (in 2017), after decades of silence, Aleph came back with new remixes of his 80s megahits “Fly To Me” and “Fire On The Moon”. Since then, there have been some new Aleph tracks produced and released. Now it’s been time to compile the “new era of Aleph” into a new vinyl album. The previous album was released 33 years ago. 
“Like A Fire” album contains four fresh remixes from the 80s hits and four new songs from recent years. Two of them are brand new tracks produced for the album.The transparent orange coloured vinyl comes with beautifully designed cover sleeve.Come and grab your copy of the new Aleph album and feel the FIRE!

TMP 012 (33 giri) (NcB)


Aleph – Like A Fire (Album)(TMP 012 – Promo Mix)

A side

1. Fight For Your Love (G. Pasquini-F. Pasquini-A. Orlov-I. Foresta) 5’35”

2. Fly To Me (Italoconnection Remix) (M. Manzi-D. Bellini-M. Farina) 5’35” ZYX Music srl

3. Dance With Me (2021 Version) (M. Manzi-D. Bellini) 5’47” ZYX Music srl

4. Little Wonder (G. Pasquini) 4’13”

B side

1. Like A Fire (G. Pasquini-F. Pasquini-D. Di Marcantonio) 5’59”

2. Doctor (2021 Version) (M. Manzi-D. Bellini-M. Farina) 6’20” ZYX Music srl

3. I’m On Fire (G. Pasquini-M. Hirsch) 4’44”

4. Fire On The Moon (Under The Moon Version) (M. Manzi-D. Bellini-M. Farina) 5’21” ZYX Music srl

Produced by Aleph

Executive Producer: Kimmo Salo for Flashback Records

Mastering by Damian Lipinski / Audio Pro Mastering

Artwork by RML

A2 Additional production and remix by Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti